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We are an ordinary family with an unordinary lifestyle: a family with 5 kids traveling the world.

We believe that traveling is the best way to collect unforgettable family memories, bond with your kids and develop a better understanding of our world. On our Youtube Channel and Instagram we capture these authentic travel experiences and share with you practical wisdom how to travel with your own children.

We are an ordinary family from Luxembourg – mum, dad and our 5 children. Originally our roots stretch from the Eastern to the Western part of Europe. Our cultural curiosity and wanderlust are limitless.

Traveling has always been a passion for us. We traveled to far places as poor backpacker students, we traveled with the savings of our first job and we continued traveling as a family with small children. 2019 was a spectacular year for us. We have decided to embark on a crazy adventure: we have quit our old life and decided to follow our dreams to travel the world as a family.

Traveling is not only about the places you visit. It’s about the mindset you develop on the road, the appreciation of the cultures and their customs you embrace and the way you change and grow as a human being. We focus on the beauty of the world, embrace cultural diversity, engage in service projects and observe what we all can learn from each other. We are so grateful to have people like YOU following our journey to build an open-minded respectful and caring community. A community whose empathy is focusing on the things which CONNECT all of us instead of the things which divide us.

To treasure our memories and stay connected with our family and friends, we decided to start this blog. The aim is to document our travel impressions and the lessons we learn on the road, individually and as a family. In the past we have encountered a lot of questions about the destinations we visit and about some practical advices how to travel with small kids. We want to share with you here some practical tips and tricks, which have worked for our family and hopefully you will find a value in them for your future travels.

Thank you for visiting our blog and your support.

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