Why visit?

Visit the EU’s biggest country

Stroll through beautiful cities & villages

Join German culture during one of the many folkloric events

Enjoy some nature time at the coast or in the mountains 

Lago di como and maggiore

Food to taste in Germany

Wurst mit Sauerkraut - Sausage with sauerkraut Käsespätzle - Egg noodles with cheese Eintopf - ‚one pot‘ with ingredients like potatoes, meat and vegetables Bretzel - knot-shaped pastry sprinkled with salt

Drinks to taste in Germany

Apfelschorle - sparkling apple juice Spezi - orange flavored soda Radler beer - fruit flavored beer Eierlikör - eggnog

Germany Travel Guide - All you need to know

Itinerary for Germany road trip 

Start in Munich and visit this very diverse and attractive city, and plan a getaway to the Starnberger See. Go east and visit one of the thermal water springs in or near Bad Füssing. Move on to the nearby city of Passau, a magnificent and picturesque city on the Danube. Following the Danube upstream you’ll soon be in Regensburg, absolutely worthwhile as well, and next city not to miss is Nürnberg. From there it’s quite a ride to Berlin, but Germany’s capital pays off all efforts to visit it. After having spent 3 days in Berlin, move on to the Nordsee and spend some time at Germany’s coastline. On your way back south you should plan some time for Hamburg and Bremen, and make a stop in Cologne as well. Further south you’ll pass the Eiffel mountain range for some hiking and nature time, and on the Swiss/French border you’ll be able to enjoy more nature time in the ‚Schwarzwald‘ area before leaving this enchanting country. 

Other Trips

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